Thanks for finding the hungry linguists! We are Emily and Camilla, two University of Exeter graduates, both with a great passion for food, travel and languages. Emily studied Italian and Spanish and spent her year abroad in Rieti, a small town near Rome, Italy. Camilla studied German and spent her year abroad in Osnabrück, Germany, as well as having spent her gap year in Regensburg. 

Both of us have been taking pictures of our culinary creations for some time and we’ve now decided to share them with anyone and everyone. We always tried out new and exciting ideas in our student kitchen when living together. As students we had a limited budget to work with and realised that satisfying and delicious food doesn’t need to break the bank. Both of us are now working ; Emily in Brighton as a Teacher of English as a foreign language, and Camilla is lucky enough to be using her German every day with an I.T. recruitment company in London.

We make up the majority of our recipes ourselves, either taking inspiration from cookery programmes, recipe books and magazines or just trying something completely new! If we have used a recipe we will give credit to the writer. All our photos are our own as well and we have tried and tested every recipe. We hope you enjoy browsing through our blog!

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The hungry linguists: Emily and Camilla.


5 responses to “ABOUT US

  1. I’m very very hangry girl…. I hope to use this website for cook…and I hope that this has a big succes in your country!

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