Pan-fried Cod and Chorizo


I’m a big fish fan and cod is one of cheapest and most versatile you can buy. I bought a large piece of cod, that I cut into 3 fillets, for £2.30. Cod on it’s own can be a little bland so I decided to jazz it up with chorizo and some red wine. Chorizo has a great flavour that can be used to enhance many a dish. This is like Surf ‘n’ Turf but just the other way around. I served my Cod and Chorizo with roasted sweet and normal potato and oniony, slow-cooked peas. This is a great dish for a healthy, inexpensive mid-week dinner.

Serves 3

3 cod fillets
150g chorizo ring
Splash red wine
6 cherry tomatoes
Splash lemon juice
1 tsp dried parsley or mixed italian herbs
Cracked black pepper and flaked sea salt, to season.

1. Splash the lemon juice over the cod fillets and season them with salt and pepper.


2. Chop the chorizo ring into small chunks.


3. Heat a little oil in a large frying/griddle pan then add the chorizo chunks. Fry them off for a few minutes then add the red wine. Cook off the alcohol and add the cherry tomatoes, allow to soften. Sprinkle over the dried herbs.

4. Place the cod in the pan (skin-side down). Leave to cook for 4-5 minutes, until the skin is crispy. You probably prefer cod without the skin however leave it on to cook as it holds the fish together, cod is very delicate.


5. When you think the skin is crispy, carefully flip the fish over and cook on the other side until you think it is done. (probably another 3-4 minutes, depending on the size of the fillet).

wpid-20150209_191815.jpg6. The chorizo, red wine and tomatoes should create a sort of sauce with the juices. Spoon these juices over the fish regularly during cooking to flavour the fillets and to make sure they don’t dry out.


7. I served my Cod and Chorizo with roasted potatoes and onion flavoured peas. You will need to start the potatoes long before the fish- in total the chorizo and cod should only take 15 minutes.



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