Fizzy Berry Jelly

imageWe had a Murder Mystery Party this year for New Year’s Eve at home and so I decided to make a 3-course meal for my guests. As I made Bruschetta for starter and Lasagne for main I thought we needed a light dessert to end the meal. I’d heard of people making champagne jelly and so thought I’d make my own version- I ended up using Lambrusco as a cheap alternative to Champagne and it worked really well giving a nice subtle fizz. I used cranberries and blackberries for my jelly but you could use any type of berry. I put mine in wine glasses but it would also look nice in champagne flutes.

Makes 6/7 jellies
2 packs raspberry flavour jelly
200ml boiling water
500ml lambrusco/prosecco/champagne
440ml cold water
1 pack cranberries
1 pack blackberries

1. Equally portion out the berries in the glasses.


2. Pour the boiling water into a jug over the jelly cubes/powder and mix thoroughly until all is dissolved. Pour in the lambrusco carefully as it will fizz up then add the cold water and mix gently.
3. Pour the jelly mixture over the berries until they are covered.
4. Leave in the fridge to set- this should take about 3-4 hours.

Happy 2014!


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