Grecian Goodies

About a month ago I went to the Greek island of Kos with two friends. Of course, the sun, sea and sand were cause for major excitement, but I was also very excited to sample some of the delights Greek cuisine had to offer. I was hoping for plenty of fresh seafood, delicious lamb and feta and olives and tzatziki and and and… let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed! Above you can see grilled octopus and courgette fritters (which became a firm favourite) with tzatziki. I thought I’d share our other favourites with you – however, be warned, do not scroll down if you are hungry as I can guarantee it won’t help!

More courgette fritters at a sunset restaurant in the village of Zia

Stuffed vine leaves (again in Zia)

Greek salad with olives and some of the best feta I’ve ever tasted

Deep fried baby calamari

Grilled whole calamari

Emily recommended we try saganaki, which is basically deep fried cheese. Unhealthy it may be, but we went back for more and more and more!

Grilled sea bream

There were also plenty of Grecian goodies to bring back home, and not just edible treats – all sorts of beauty products made using olive oil, kitchen items made out of olive tree wood, and of course Ouzo and Raki (which somehow we managed to avoid drinking for the whole holiday). We each decided on some incredibly good quality organic olive oil, and delicious blossom and thyme honey, which sadly have almost been used up already. Oh well, an excuse to go back to Greece!


3 responses to “Grecian Goodies

  1. yummmy! not sure how I missed this post but having had a lovely week in Greece myself this year I can say ditto to everything! 🙂 x

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