Cheat’s Tiramisù


I like to make Italian dishes in the proper way without the anglicisation and making it more appealing for Brits; such as using cream in carbonara when in fact all that you need to make the creamy sauce is egg, however this dish I made with the ingredients I had in and wanted to keep it simple. This dessert actually tasted delicious and I don’t think it needed anything else. A traditional Tiramisù would be layered and include egg in the mascarpone mixture.

Serves 2-3

16 Sponge fingers/Savoiardi
125g mascarpone
200ml strong coffee

50g dark chocolate
1 small orange
50ml Maraschino/liqueur of your choice

1. Place half of the sponge fingers flat in a small dish. Meanwhile make up the coffee; I used an Italian cafetiere/moka pot/macchinetta that you heat up on the stove to make espresso but it would be fine to use instant coffee.


2. Finely grate the dark chocolate and sprinkle a third over the first layer of biscuits. 


3. Mix the maraschino in with the coffee and pour half over the first layer. Repeat the same process with the chocolate and coffee/liqueur mixture on a second layer of sponge fingers.IMG_0401

4. Spoon the mascarpone into a small bowl and stir it with a spoon to loosen it up making it easier to spread over. Squeeze in half of the orange juice and some extra liqueur if you wish.


5. Spread the mascarpone over the sponge fingers and grate over the remaining dark chocolate. Put the tiramisù in the fridge to chill.


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