Czech Cuisine

Sausages cooked in beer with… beer

Czech cuisine is very… hearty. If you aren’t a fan of meat then it’s probably best avoided, as a lot of the restaurants in Prague didn’t have vegetarian options (though admittedly we didn’t look for the vegetarian restaurants, I’m sure they do exist, even if few and far between – I wouldn’t say don’t go to Prague because of this, it’s a beautiful city!). We were only there for three days but managed to sample a lot of the different typical dishes on offer – Prague ham, roast pork (sadly not pork knuckle!), sausages cooked in beer, pickled sausage, bread dumplings, potato dumplings, red cabbage, white cabbage, sauerkraut… The list goes on. And of course all washed down with lots of beer!

photo (36)
A traditional meat platter – smoked sausage, pickled sausage, Prague ham and marinated cheese

A very very very filling pork skewer (with a side of garlic bread that I definitely didn’t need!)

Roast pork with two types of dumpling and red cabbage

photo (37)
Roast pork stew with dumplings and sauerkraut


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