Emily’s Christmas Dinner


As always we had roast turkey for Christmas this year with all the trimmings! Grandma cooked the turkey with sausage meat stuffing and a clementine inside, she also wrapped bacon around the outside. We made pigs in blankets with chipolatas and bacon from our local butchers and cooked them in the oven until really crispy. I have to admit our stuffing balls were made from a stuffing mix but there are some things not worth making from scratch!


Roast potatoes are one of my favourite parts of a roast dinner. There are so many different tips to make them crispy but one we use is shaking them up in the pan after par boiling and draining them then adding to very hot oil. We added salt,garlic and rosemary to ours this year, they were very tasty!

IMG_0991We par boiled the parsnips and carrots and the added them to a tray of hot oil, drizzled honey over them and seasoned with black pepper and salt.

Now when it comes to brussel sprouts, there are always some people that really dislike them and some that really like them so to accommodate for everyone we sliced them and cooked them in a bit of butter with crispy bacon and chestnuts. Everyone ate them and went back for more! Surprising how easy it is to liven up an average vegetable. IMG_0984

A recent favourite vegetable of ours at Christmas is Red Cabbage cooked with cider vinegar, cooking apples, sugar and onion.IMG_0988

All in all a very successful Christmas Dinner which was a joint effort by all, making it far more enjoyable and no one was stressed! 

Oh and don’t forget the turkey gravy (made from the cooking juices), cranberry sauce and bread sauce! Yum Yum!

Hope you all enjoyed a yummy Christmas Dinner too and I look forward to seeing yours! 


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