Cuisses des Grenouilles – Frogs’ Legs

Frogs' Legs
Always on the lookout for new and interesting food, when I saw Frogs’ Legs on the menu in Nice, France, (albeit a very touristy menu) I couldn’t resist and had to order them. I think I tried them before as a child but as my memory failed me I was desperate to try them again. I imagined them to be similar to snails in that they would just be a vehicle for a very garlicky flavour, and, whilst I wasn’t wrong, they are also quite individual. The thigh meat separated away from the body very easily – it reminded me of a large pearl of tender, juicy goodness. The texture was almost like fish (which made sense seeing as frogs are amphibians), but there was no hint of a fishy flavour. I wouldn’t order them every time I saw them on the menu, but they certainly didn’t disappoint!


4 responses to “Cuisses des Grenouilles – Frogs’ Legs

  1. Oh I’m so glad you had the balls and tried! I love them as well. I put the recipe on my blog a while back. Just type frog in the search window. Really proud of you!

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